Monday, May 7, 2012

All things in general

I have been working at Hobby Lobby now for almost 2 months. I LOVE IT!!! That store is perfect for a person like me. It's better than candy!!!!!!
Carl and I had our sights set on house in town and were disappointed to learn that the house was under contract.... How ever we did find another house in town that we requested information on. It is a wonderful 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. It has a garage and a magnificent kitchen. We are to get in touch with an agent soon. we are going to take a look at the house tomorrow. Houses here in Hobbs sell really quickly. I just have to continue to pray that we get out of this apartment. Carl and I aren't meant for apartment life. some of the people around here are really loud and don't care about disturbing everyone else.
I never really liked the idea of living in town again until I realized that I can go almost a month and a half on one tank of gas in my SUV. It helps also that I live pretty much 5 minutes away from work.
There are also a few houses outside of town that Carl is interested in. One on 22 acres....I said to him that we don't need anymore acreage. We already have 10 we aren't doing anything with right now. Then there is a nice little double wide on about 2 acres that we are looking at that isn't to far outside of town. Just about and extra 5 minutes. I hope that we find a house soon...........

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