Monday, May 7, 2012

All things in general

I have been working at Hobby Lobby now for almost 2 months. I LOVE IT!!! That store is perfect for a person like me. It's better than candy!!!!!!
Carl and I had our sights set on house in town and were disappointed to learn that the house was under contract.... How ever we did find another house in town that we requested information on. It is a wonderful 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. It has a garage and a magnificent kitchen. We are to get in touch with an agent soon. we are going to take a look at the house tomorrow. Houses here in Hobbs sell really quickly. I just have to continue to pray that we get out of this apartment. Carl and I aren't meant for apartment life. some of the people around here are really loud and don't care about disturbing everyone else.
I never really liked the idea of living in town again until I realized that I can go almost a month and a half on one tank of gas in my SUV. It helps also that I live pretty much 5 minutes away from work.
There are also a few houses outside of town that Carl is interested in. One on 22 acres....I said to him that we don't need anymore acreage. We already have 10 we aren't doing anything with right now. Then there is a nice little double wide on about 2 acres that we are looking at that isn't to far outside of town. Just about and extra 5 minutes. I hope that we find a house soon...........

Friday, March 30, 2012


  My life is blessed. I don't say it often enough. God gave me my husband. My husband is the most unselfish loving person I know. I don't know where I would be today if not for Carl. He is my crutch when i am feeling like I have no purpose. He is my love, my life, my all. He is my GIFT from GOD. I love you Carl!
 My friend Caitie has a Friend that started a confession blog.... I read Caitie's confessions and felt compelled to talk about and to admit to some of my own. Some confessions are good, some need working on....

   When I first met my husband years ago I quickly found out that his family prayed before meals. I was struck with fear of being asked to be the one to pray over our meal. I feared praying because I never prayed growing up except for special occasions, I feared I would have prayed wrong. It took me a while to get used to praying.... But, I am proud to confess that I no longer have a fear of praying. It is a nightly practice for me to pray for the safety and well being of all of my family. I am a PROUD PRAYER!!!

It saddens me that haven't made time to sit still and devote at least 1 hour out of my day to read. In this I know that I am not alone. But that fact that I am not alone in this does not make me feel better. I am my own person. It is ME who has to push myself to devote my time to reading the Bible. I need to work on this. I have a book called, "The Bible In 90 Days"...... It is my intent to challenge myself to read just those 12 pages a day.

   When I was younger about 4 years after I had found out about epilepsy I had had my medication lowered way to low. I started having seizure spells again. After this happened I became stressed, depressed, and had multiple anxiety attacks a day. I was furious with God, always asking "Why me, Why me, Why is me who has to be different, Why is it me who has to have epilepsy?" I confess that I hated that I had epilepsy but I wouldn't wish this on anyone. The more I dwelt on epilepsy, my anger grew stronger and my anxiety attacks intensified. Anxiety attacks are horrible, I did a turn about with God. It did me no good to be mad. Instead I turned to begging God, "Please take me, I don't want to live this way anymore." That was foolish of me and selfish as well. I was privileged with this life that God blessed me with. I will always remember that until the day God calls me home!

Those are my biggest confessions!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My own awesome homemade recipe

Lemon-Pepper Chicken Chimichanga's 

Boneless Chicken Breast
Colby Jack Cheese- or cheese of choice
Lemon-Pepper seasoning
Sour Cream
10" flour tortillas
Vegetable oil

-start 1 1/2 cup vegetable oil on low heat
(1) Boil chicken on medium heat for 10 minutes shred and season with Lemon-Pepper seasoning   OR
(2) Cook chicken on stove top in pan with 2 tablespoons butter and seasoned heavy or lightly (however preferred) with lemon-pepper seasoning (careful not to over cook)
-shred chicken breast
- warm tortillas (prevents splitting)
- spread shredded seasoned chicken and shredded cheese on tortillas
-fold (burrito style) and hold in place with toothpicks
-peel and smash avocados (blend with garlic salt to taste)

- turn burner to medium heat
- turn chimichangas every two minutes until golden brown

Serve with avocado and sour cream


Recipe by: Brittany Griffith


    You have Epilepsy....
That is what I was told when I was 14 years old...Fun times! I started having seizure spells at a really young age. Staring spells are actually what they were.We had no idea at the time that I had epilepsy the doctors just thought it was ADD. So I was put on Ritalin. Then as I grew older and hit puberty I started feeling different. I knew it wasn't I felt. I didn't know what to make of it. The seizure spells I started having at the age of 12 were heaviness affecting my right side motor skills. Usually brought on by stress. For a year the spells disappeared and came back full swing when I was 14. I had a seizure down at my bus stop. As if a seizure wasn't already embarrassing enough..... a bus full of kids saw as well. For about a week I was out of school and came back to humiliation and taunting about what happened to me. YEAH LIKE I COULD CONTROL IT!!! Took a full year for the taunts to die down. I moved out of state which gave me a chance to start fresh. To go where no one knew I had epilepsy. As I grew older though and matured I started talking about it. I am not embarrassed anymore!!! Although I did hide it from my hubby when we first met because of fear of rejection. I finally told him one day to give him the chance to decide for himself if he wanted to pursue a relationship with me..... Well all I can say is "His Mama raised him right!" NO rejection, only complete understanding of my condition. We are happily married now going on 3 years.....
    Because I am a mature adult now and can see how the younger crowd acts and wonder if I looked that stupid when I was young..... I understand that as a young teen maturity hasn't kicked in yet. SO I forgave all those that taunted me a long time ago. Since then the Epilepsy Foundations across the globe have and are making kids and teens aware of Epilepsy and how it affects us. I could sing about Epilepsy..... That is how proud I am to tell people of my medical condition. Please teach your kids and teens that Epilepsy is not a laughing matter. There are many websites out there that can inform anyone interested all about it. And in most cities there are epilepsy awareness meetings and conferences. It is an awesome learning experience. I encourage all to look into it in your spare time.

-Brittany "Proud Epileptic"

Here are a few links just to get you started:

What is epilepsy?

 Living with Epilepsy..

Monday, March 26, 2012

Friends and family

   You know, friends are the best. Caitie, A friend I have gotten to know really well is such a blessing to have. It is wonderful to have friends that I can talk to about everything. Caitie certainly is someone really special. I don't have to many friends and tend to choose them carefully and never have been disappointed.
    I am blessed also with a loving Family. My mom and dad are to very special and wonderful people. I love them and cherish them. I have always looked to them for guidance. I have brought many questions home and always had answers to my problems.
    I love my mom and dad so very much!

New Places New Journey's!

      I think it is so ironic that I had previously owned a shirt that said "No one cares about your blog" and here I am writing one. I am starting to do stuff way out of the norm for me. I currently moved to Hobbs, New Mexico and I love love love it. It is so different than what I have been used to. Hobbs is a wonderful little town to live in. This is yet a new chapter in the lives of the Griffiths. My Carl has a good job there. I am hoping to have a job really soon myself. I find myself so much more happy than I used to be. I have lived there not long at all but have grown to love the small town already. Our Church also is so Wonderful. SO WELCOMING!! I do miss my Church in Anthony "First Baptist Church" wonderful Church Family and Wonderful Pastor and his Wife Pat. I do however, miss my family. I have been within close driving distance to them my whole life and now there is a 5 hour driving distance. I am not shocked to find that I miss my family so much MORE when I don't have them near me.
     I am at the moment packing up the rest of our belongings and will be heading back to Hobbs in a few weeks. I will have my daddy tagging along behind me on my trip over there. I am excited that I will get to show him around town over the weekend!!!
     I just wish my mom and nieces could all come up at the same time. But school and work have other plans for them. So I am counting on the summer time.